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Cloth Bibs

A baby bib is a clothing that wraps around the neck of a baby or toddler to prevent food from staining the clothes. It should fit your little clumsiness and be easy to clean. The baby bib must not irritate your child’s sensitive skin and help keep their clothes clean and dry.

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The baby is cute. They can illuminate the whole room with smiles, melt the soul with laughter, and let you forget the tension and pressure of the day. Babies need constant attention from people. Most babies tend to sleep for a long time. They need to be fed, cleaned and entertained again and again. Feeding a kid may be an easy task, but it is a difficult, stressful, and confusing task. After feeding, they often spill food on their clothes, drool, and even drip milk. Children lack hand-eye coordination. This causes them to lose their mouths when eating various foods (such as infant formula, yogurt or mashed potatoes). The food that was missed ended up on their clothes. This causes their clothes to become dirty, wet and soiled. The best way to solve this problem is to invest in a quality baby bib for your child.

bib is a clothing that wraps around the neck of a baby or toddler to prevent food from staining the clothes. The bib is hung around the neck to cover the baby’s chest. Baby bibs are very suitable for young children, especially babies. Different types of bibs can be used online. Milk and saliva bibs are usually made of cotton or other absorbent materials. These bibs help absorb liquids and keep your little child’s clothes dry. At the same time, the food bib is made of silicone or other synthetic materials, which can protect clothes in the event of accidental spillage of food. These baby bibs are also easy to clean. The perfect bib should fit your little clumsiness and be easy to clean. The bib must not irritate your child’s sensitive skin and help keep their clothes dry.


Regarding baby bibs, we need to pay attention to the following points:

Waterproof: If you want to reduce the amount to wash, you will need a material that does not absorb a lot of liquid and can be easily wiped clean. Some cotton bibs have a waterproof layer inside to prevent them from being immersed in food odors.

Soft material: The bib will rub your child’s sensitive skin, so soft material is important. If the bib is rough or itchy, your baby won’t like to wear it.

Adjustable neck strap: The baby grows so fast, and you want the life of the bib to be more than a few months, so please look for a bib with an adjustable closure that can adapt various neck circumferences that can last at least a few months or a few years.


1. Do babies need bibs?

First of all, do newborns need bibs? Usually, we recommend that newborns wear it because some babies spit during breastfeeding and general feeding. This will also save you from having to wash baby clothes every time you feed.

2. When can babies start wearing bibs?

When the child starts weaning, the baby bib can be used. Drooling bibs and milk bibs can also be used for newborns.

3. Can bibs chop babies?

Sleeping in a bib may cause your baby to suffocate. Since newborn babies tend to fall asleep immediately after feeding, it is important to remember to remove the bib after feeding to prevent suffocation or strangulation.

4. Do babies need a bib when breastfeeding?

Some parents like to use baby bibs even when their children are breastfeeding. Milk and saliva dripping from the baby’s mouth can easily fall on the clothes, making them dirty and wet. This can be prevented by using cotton bibs.

5. What age suitable for using the baby bib?

Children aged 0-6 months benefit from regular and drooling bibs, as they usually do not eat baby food until after 6 months of age. When they reach the 4 to 6 months, you will start looking for baby bibs. You can use different baby bibs as you needed.

6.Can baby bibs accept OEM and ODM?

Yes we accept OEM and ODM, send your design idea to us and we will make it based on your thoughts.

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